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Training Info

Decorative concrete installations require the balanced combination of high quality products with skilled and educated applicators. Almost all decorative concrete applications are assembled at the project location, often in an uncontrolled environment. As such, high quality products must be installed by a trained and skilled team of applicators. Even the best materials in the hands of unskilled labor will result in a disaster. Likewise, even the highest skilled applicators without access to quality products, tools and materials cannot create successful results. The system of trained and certified applicators, possessing ability and experience, which assembles high quality products into structurally sound, functional and aesthetically pleasing works of art.

HICRETE supports hands-on training and demonstrations, where installers are presented with the latest in product knowledge and techniques.

HICRETE Products wants to make sure that the concrete professionals get the education necessary to create more business opportunities & Demonstrations on how to use our products. HICRETE Products offers designers and construction industry professionals workshops that provide the know-how to maximize creativity, durability and business opportunities using HICRETE products.




Area Covered

Surface Preparation:

The single most part in flooring is Surface Preparation. Roughly 90% of all problems for dealers arise from an improperly prepared surface. We teach you how to do it right.


Crack Repair:

A proven fact is that if you do not properly repair a crack in old concrete, it will come back. Our method of crack repair is proven to be effective.


Application: Covering these areas:

  • HICRETE Imprinted Overlay
  • HICRETE Stamped Concrete
  • HICRETE Spray Coat
  • HICRETE Chemical Staining



Detailing is important part of the finished product and we will teach you how to do it properly.

  • Honoring control Joints
  • Detailing of the joints
  • Fixing Imperfections


Antiquing and Sealing:

This is where the project comes to life. We have a unique antique system that is as easy as to use, as it is versatile. The HICRETE antiquing

System is used to give the project a realistic finish to simulate real stone or slate.

Hands on Experience:

This seminar is geared towards giving you the knowledge and hands on experience you will need to successfully complete the projects of all types.

The information you gain at our seminars will help insure your success. Our training staff will teach you techniques you need to know to help you avoid errors that could cost you time, unsatisfied customers and money. Some dealers try to learn on their own and some eventually do. In the process they tend to lose money from costly mistakes that could easily been avoided with proper training.  
One project done properly can bring you 3-5 projects by mouth publicity only.


Free technical Support:

We offer free technical support to all of our dealers from highly trained personnel.  Our Technical support personnel area trained and well versed in all aspects of field applications.


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